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A Tribute To Arthur Guinness
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A Tribute To Arthur Guinness: The Porters

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Clyde McPhatter - The Essential Collection (CD)
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(2002/Universal-UK) 18 Tracks, 1959-1971! Wenige Exemplare! - It is no exaggeration to say that Clyde McPhatter was one of the most influential and innovative vocalists of the 20th Century - a fact often confirmed by such artists as Elvis Presley, Jackie Wilson and Smokey Robinson. Clyde was born the son-of-a-preacher-man on 15 November 1932 in Durham, North Carolina. At the age of 14 he joined gospel group the Mount Lebanon Singers and in 1950 fronted Billy Ward´s Dominoes, whose victory on the popular Arthur Godfrey ´Talent Scouts´ radio show led to a record deal with King. The Dominoes´ single ´Sixty Minute Man´, often referred to as the earliest rock´n´roil hit, was the first major R&B/Pop crossover success of the 1950´s. The song´s blatant lyrics caused a furore at radio. Many US stations also refused to play the group´s R&B Top 10 hit ´The Bells´, a funereal opus which is now regarded as a classic of the ´death disc´ genre. McPhatter´s distinctive and dramatic tenor was unique and his gospel driven delivery influenced and inspired hundreds of performers who followed in his wake. The teenage Elvis Presley loved The Dominoes - and made a point of seeing them every time they played Memphis. He later told the press how much he admired McPhatter and wished his voice had been more like Clyde´s. In 1953, McPhatter left The Dominoes to form The Drifters. Their first two releases on Atlantic, ´Money Honey´ and ´Such A Night´ (both covered by Elvis) also broke new ground. Unlike other love songs, the former made it clear that as far as Clyde was concerned ´´money can buy you love´´, while the lafter shocked millions with its bluntness - it was clear that Clyde did more than dance all night. Even Johnnie Ray´s tamed down, chart topping cover of ´Such A Night´ ran into trouble at radio stations. However, teenagers loved the Drifters´ double-entendre discs that their parents considered to be ´´the devil´s music´. Clyde was drafted into the Army in 1954 and when he was demobbed in 1956 rejoined Atlantic as a solo artist and amassed several more best sellers including the original version of ´Without Love´ a song later revived by Tom Jones. In 1959 he signed a lucrative $60,000 one year deal with MGM and this set includes four singles from that time including ´Let´s Try Again´, which took him back into the Top 20. - During the late 1950s he toured the US with all the major Rock´n´Roll headliners including Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Everly Brothers, Fats Domino and even Cliff Richard. Clyde first visited the UK in 1960 to promote ´Think Me A Kiss´. He opened a package show which also featured Bobby Darin and Duane Eddy and that single only narrowly missed the chart. McPhatter then joined Mercury and with the help of top A&R man Clyde Otis had a long string of US best sellers including ´I Never Knew´, `Little Bitty Pretty One´ and the million sellers °la Ta´ and ´Lover Please´ - the latter successfully covered in the UK by the Vernons Girls. In 1968, Clyde briefly re-located to the UK and recorded several standout sides, the best being ´Only A Fool´ on Deram. Sadly, Clyde died from a heart attack in 1972 at the age of 39, his last recordings having re-united him with Clyde Otis at US Decca: the cream of those being the soulful `Book Of Memories´. This unique chronological collection features the original recordings of his MGM, Mercury, Deram and Decca tracks alongside noteworthy re-recordings of earlier Dominoes and Drifters hits. It is a fitting tribute to one of the most outstanding and original vocalists of the last fifty years. (DAVE MCALEER - GUINNESS BOOK OF BRITISH HIT SINGLES)

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